"Evolution I"
mixed media on canvas
7' x 12'
1st subtitle - "Gorilla, Enfanta, Bodybuilder"
2nd subtitle - "Plight of the Modern White Man"

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

Detail Enfanta

"Evolution II - Transmutation I"
mixed media on canvas
7 1/2' x 33'
1st Subtitle - "Hunter/Gatherer, Henry VIII, White Suburban Consumer"
2nd Subtitle - "I Cant Get No Satisfaction"
2rd Subtitle - "Virtual Reality"

Detail 2
Henry VIII

Detail 3
White Suburban Consumer
"I Can't Get No Satisfaction"

"Evolution III - Transmutation II - Revelation I"
mixed media on canvas
9' x 55'
1st Subtitle - "Cave Painting, Sistine Chapel, Electroinc Media"
2nd Subtitle - "Birth of the Pop Culture Muses"
3rd Subtitle - "America Reinvents the Anti-Christ, Sympathy For The Devil"
4th Subtitle - "Armaggedon 9-11"
5th Subtitle - "The Ubiquitous Pop-Trash-Corporate Culture Destroys Humanity"

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

"Evolution IV"
mixed media on canvas
9" x 55'
1st Subtitle - "In The Beginning, Infinite Potential, All Good (The Quantum Dance)"
2nd Subtitle - "Adam And Eve's Ego Trip, (Let's Get Limited)"
3rd Subtitle - "Primal Worship, Past/Present"
4th Subtitle - "The Continuous Multimedia Mass Torture Of Humanity"
5th Subtitle - "Digital Crucifixion"
6th Subtitle - "Confronting Global Warming/The Terrorists Within"
7th Subtitle - "Back To The Beginning, All Good, (The Quantum Dance Goes On and On)"

Detail 1
Adam and Eve's Ego Trip - Primal Worship Past/Present

Detail 2
In the Beginning - The Quantum Dance

Detail 3
Digital Crucifixion - The Continuous Multimedia Mass Torture of Humanity

Evolution IV Close-Up Details



an installation piece created to be wrapped around a room so that the viewer enters the artwork

Revelation II - The Quantum Jump
mixed media on canvas
9 ft x 55 ft.
1st subtitle "the parallel universe, the ever present here, the eternal now"
2nd subtitle "the tree of good and evil past and present"
3rd subtitle "the chattering monkey mind creates tribulations"

Detail I

Detail II
the ever present here, the eternal now

Detail III
the quantum jump

Detail IV
the tree of good and evil, past and present

Detail V

Detail V
the chattering monkey mind creates tribulations

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