Sarkis Mazmanian, whose work is characterized by an exquisite refinement as well as impressive originality, has work permanently on display in two locations in New York City. He is represented in the collection at The Center for Creative Living, First Church of Religious Science, 14 E. 48th Street, New York, NY. Three paintings there include a portrait of Dr. Stuart Grayson, Pastor Emeritis, an original landscape, and an abstract piece.

His artwork can also be seen at The Gamut, 102 E. 25th Street, New York, NY. There, he designed the walls and did several original paintings and mirrors, as well as the logo and the exterior faux patina. The New York City Zagat guide rated his work highly, describing it as a “distressed chic” look.

Sarkis, who earned his B.F.A. from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and also did postgraduate work at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, is well known as a muralist and a versatile painter and sculptor. “Artspeak Magazine” describes him as “possessed of a remarkable draftsmanship that makes it possible for him to draw upon the past in a particularly pleasing manner, approaching the masters he admires with the familiarity of a peer.

“In larger paintings and sculptures, Mazmanian achieves a sense of physicality and visual impact that is strictly contemporary without sacrificing the links to the ancient past that serve as his inspiration. The artist pulls out all the painterly stops in a breathtaking tour de force.” The review closes by saying that “Sarkis Mazmanian emerges as an artist whose timeless and universal vision will surely exert an important influence on the art of the new millennium.”

In other reviews, Sarkis has been described as “a visual magician with the technical ability to make his most fanciful visions wholly believable.” A figurative artist whose works are often dramatic and on a large, ambitious scale, Sarkis’s technique indicates a decisive quality with a contemporary look.

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